Core Practice: Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

Enterprise PerformanceMaking decisions consistent with strategic, tactical, and operational goals is one of the major challenges facing executives and managers today. Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is the system for managing this challenge. MLC provides CPM services to help organizations proactively measure and manage performance. This is achieved by aligning the organization through people, processes, and technology to reach their goals.

It is important to always make business decisions consistent with strategic, tactical, and operational goals. However, executives and managers sometimes lose sight of this. With the guidance of MLC and our CPM system, we are able to help executives and decision makers to stay focused on the goals of their organizations.

What is CPM?

MLC defines CPM as the system and methods decision makers use to maintain a constant and accurate pulse of their business’ health in order to align strategic goals, tactical plans, and daily operations.

We have always used our “people, processes, and technology” methodology to ensure that CPM is more than just a set of tools or an out-of-box solution to our clients. This methodology is also applied to our assessment to determine the potential benefits of CPM in your unique organization. The objective of the assessment is to determine how key decision makers can obtain a live view of current performance, more accurate future projections, and improved alignment of strategic goals across the organization.

Our goal in our CPM analysis is to pinpoint an organization’s current performance, visualize accurate future projections, and improve alignment of strategic goals across the business.

What you can get out of CPM?

Corporate Performance Management helps organizations align goals and reveal inefficiencies within their people, processes, and technology. CPM allows business decision makers to have information on all core drivers within their business and can help them know where they have been, where they are now, and where they are going. A successful CPM effort will result in increased: transparency, consistency, accuracy, and the ability to execute strategy with clear-sighted decision making capability.

Executives looking to adopt CPM practices do so for the following reasons and/or assistance in the following areas:

  • 71% - need for better visibility into current results
  • 70% - need for better understanding of future performance trends
  • 42% - poor economic conditions and need for tighter cash flow control
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