About Us –

Helping organizations grow… performance wise

There is much to say about how we help improve, sustain and optimize organizations and their operations. Our site tells the complete story, but to be respectful of your time, here are 5 key points that will set the tone to consider MLC as your consulting partner.

  • We truly give clients a fresh perspective on the consulting relationship
  • We are proven thought-leaders in all areas of our consulting practice
  • We focus more on ROI-based client outcomes than how much we bill
  • Senior level talent on every project or initiative despite account size
  • No hit and run practices here. We’re on the team, we stay in the game

More of who we are, by defining who we’re NOT

Our vision to "keep every client for life," drives what we do, as much as what we don't do. We’ve all heard the stories of big consulting firms with big promises followed by big disappointments and even bigger invoices. At MLC, we don’t have an elitist attitude, play politics or overbill, and we stay in the process with you through the entire relationship. We don't hoard our personal or professional knowledge or our availability: ever! Truth be told, we encourage every client to maximize our time together and leverage what we know at every opportunity – on or off the clock. Fact is, we love to talk shop and we love what we do.

It’s how MLC brings things together that sets us apart

Imperative to client success is MLC's approach to a holistic view from a triage project to a comprehensive implementation or installation. From simple to complex, we hit the ground planning with the right team, methodology, and resources for your project. Our process allows us to objectively look at the total organization, and the impact every initiative will have on the enterprise, allowing you to navigate through change in an intelligent, cohesive, and fluid manner.

There is power and efficiency in TRUTH

Sometimes, a well-delivered line of feedback can move an entire company to the right action. Because MLC is more attuned to results and to-the-point feedback, rather than rhetoric and whether we’re billing enough, we have learned the art and heart of being candid in all settings. We believe that with honesty, all things become possible and that getting to the core of what is real, is the foundation for any transformation.