We start by listening. We continue with results

At MLC, we never underestimate the gift of great questions. They are the basis of understanding your organizational needs. “Performance Listening™ as we call it, has become a standard and improvable practice that allows us to consistently “discover and deliver.” Through due-diligence disciplines that rival our competition, we are able to scrutinize your organizational and cultural dynamics down to the subtleties. The result is a deeper understanding of what is real and what will be needed to ensure our advisory and deliverables are accurate, impactful and drive ROI beyond your expectations.

What is Performance Listening™.

Listening is focused eye contact – respect. It is hearing, considering, and meditating on every word spoken – wisdom. It is scanning between the words to hear that which the other might be too uncomfortable to say – insight. It is not drifting, but staying in tune, patiently waiting for the other to finish before speaking – intelligence. It is asking for clarification and understanding: Example: “What we’re hearing you say is” or “tell us more.” – empathy. Listening is not thinking of what we will say next, but responding to what is said - productivity. It is acknowledging the other has had a different upbringing, different influences and is in need of being clearly understood - sensitivity. This is the beginning of our relationship. If we are not doing all of this, we are NOT listening.

Built-to-order Performance Consulting… built to last

The need to listen stops when pre-packaged consulting and pre-conceived ideas are being sold, (the norm for our industry.) Frankly, there is nothing cookie cutter about your situation. As fate would have it, the only cookie cutter we have, cuts cookies. Our proprietary practice to define, discover, analyze, improve, and control is woven into every project, despite how simple they appear. We assume it’s never as simple as it appears and that assumption ultimately saves time, money, energy, and everyone’s sanity.

It is this foresight that delivers solutions that wear in, not out.

Global reach and capability, local feel and access

Some of our current clients have shared that the idea of working with a big firm seemed alluring at first. But once they were past the “idea” and into the fee structure, the day-to-day workings, and the implementation; large and in charge took on a whole new meaning. At MLC, we approach every client the same way we build out our projects, personalized! After an initial discovery, we plan and map the most effective way to serve you, your culture, and your goals, whether it is locally or internationally. Of course, we measure mutual performance so we can ALL improve along the way.

We believe that solving problems, shouldn’t create more problems

Having completed thousands of projects, we have learned to effectively deal with organizational change with minimal distraction to our clients' business. Depending on the project and the culture, MLC understands that a delicate balance of our presence in your company and our work behind the scenes is essential to growth factors. Bottom line? We position ourselves in light of what will be most effective and efficient – every project, everytime.

As for our end-game: NEVER charge more than the value we create!

Defining and implementing metrics for success allows us to evaluate and track a pre-determined return on investment for our clients. Based on a near flawless performance record, backed by ongoing client feedback, what MLC charges is negligible in contrast to the outcomes we provide. With overhead efficiencies, streamlined processes and a “we don’t charge for everything” heart-set, other firms simply CANNOT compete with the value we deliver!