MLC Cloud Services

There’s sunshine through the cloud, and there’s rain.

The ‘Cloud’ has been hailed as a solution to most technology challenges faced by big and small businesses alike. Contrary to popular belief, the Cloud is not all silver lining, there are some very real risks that accompany potential success. MLC understands this and only utilizes the Cloud in situations where the benefits far outweigh the risks. As firm steeped in relevant “appropriation” of technology, our commitment has always been to understand people and process before implementing technology. We continue to maintain this simple but powerful maxim in any cloud implementation.

Cloud implementations: 6-stage process. One smart move.

Assessment: We begin by analyzing core needs, the technology’s capabilities and the gap between the two. We also assess the risks of proceeding, keeping both present need and long-term scalability in mind. Next, we present you with a high-level plan to proceed with your cloud investment that outlines overall organizational goals and general ROI benchmarks.

Plan & Design: ‘Measure twice, cut once’, not surprisingly is foundational to IT projects. Statistically speaking, most IT projects fail, and we believe the primary cause is poor planning and design. During this stage, MLC captures detailed requirements and maps out a design/plan specification to make the implementation a reality. Although it’s a detailed and moderately time consuming phase, the return on objective shows up in overall cost, time, and resource savings that are substantial by all measures.

Development: This is where technology meets progress and our proficient, client-centric cloud specialists begin developing/customizing the cloud application. We maintain a strict interactive and iterative development process where we regularly share progress and allow designated client personnel access to the cloud application as it is being developed. We also schedule regular review sessions with our client team to make sure we are on track and the end result meets or exceeds what is expected.

Testing: Cloud applications are generally tested to stringent parameters by the vendor partner; meaning some types of testing such as system or infrastructure testing can be eliminated. However it is still important to test if the application is performing to your needs in both the common and uncommon scenarios unique to your business. Rigorous testing also allows users to be comfortable with the system and uncover needs that they had not thought of before, so we make it a practice to test at periodic intervals during the implementation.

Rollout: A cloud implementation like any big change cannot be triaged onto your employees. The process needs to be accompanied with a well thought out communication, marketing and training protocol. Our rollout process begins early on by providing assistance on communication, helping you find the right champion(s) for your cloud initiative, and training that allows employees to be productive on the new system from day one.

Support: Once deployed, MLC continues support and guidance to our clients both for the short and long term. We know you will have questions, and our Performance listeningtm commitment ensures we maintain immediate availability to provide relevant practical advisory whatever the issue. In addition to adherence to a proven 6-stage process, MLC is certified in specific cloud implementation methodology from our technology partners such as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle. To leverage all resources, we capitalize on the wealth of information already available from our partners in order to shorten the implementations cycle and to ensure best practices across the board.

Some of the specific cloud technologies we specialize in are:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Adaptive Planning
  • IBM Smart Analytics
  • Salesforce