Food & Beverage Distribution Company


A well-established distribution company needed to further develop its Business Continuity Program to cover more than response.  The identified need included a requirement from the Executive Team to better safeguard Continuity of Operations (COOP) to help ensure customer service and protect the company’s financial future.


MLC & Associates was selected to evaluate the current situation, assess the company’s needs, and develop the Business Continuity Program.  As part of the project, MLC conducted interviews with key personnel, held Business Impact Analysis data gathering meetings, evaluated the risk to the organization and 4 major sites, and provided the company with an extensive Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment.

Based on the results of the BIA, MLC then conducted additional brain-storming meetings with each critical department to develop strategies and checklists to build customized Business Resumption Plans which were designed to help ensure Continuity of Operations.  The process also involved a roadmap for future program development together with a list of key improvements for the Business Continuity Program as well as the company’s daily operations.

Finally, MLC found that the company’s command and control structure needed further development.  After evaluating the company’s existing emergency management programs and personnel, MLC developed an Emergency Operations Center that included representatives for each key department as well as a communications structure, crisis management plan, and practices for responding to emergency events – both local and regional.


The client’s Business Continuity Program was completely revamped and included Business Resumption Plans for all critical operations in addition to site specific plans for their essential distribution facilities.  The program also included the establishment of a fully developed EOC, incident command structure, alternate staff, crisis communications program, and site management protocols. Additionally, the program led to an increased ability for the company to more effectively respond to daily situations and better communicate on a routine basis.

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