SaaS & Analytical Services Provider


The client, an international provider of Software As A Service and data analytical services had a Business Continuity Program in place and staff but required an outside expert to audit and validate their approach and documentation as well as provide a gap analysis.  The client also required training on best practices and assistance in conducting major simulations to train personnel and verify program functionality.


MLC reviewed their existing Business Continuity Program including plans, training, and prior exercises.  Based on MLC’s recommendations, the client:

  • Updated their Business Resumption Plan format to include missing components and/or build on the current plans
  • Refined their Business Continuity Organizational Structure beyond Emergency Response and incorporated a more robust Business Resumption component
  • Conducted multiple Semi-Annual Major Simulations

MLC was also asked to provide continued support via remote communications from time-to-time and was also responsible for periodically conducting major simulations that involved all areas of the company.  As part of this effort, MLC developed the exercises, conducted Observer training, executed the exercises, and delivered follow-up After Action Reports and Improvement Plans.


By using the services of MLC, the client was able to obtain an impartial expert’s opinion and an approach agreeable to all business groups and across departments.  Also, a third party’s perspective from a consultant with extensive experience and history in Business Continuity enabled them to obtain a true snapshot of their program’s strengths and areas for improvement.  Furthermore, by using MLC for conducting their simulations, the client was able to obtain a realistic perspective on their program maturity (since participants were not aware of the actual scenarios or specific details of the exercises in advance) and an unbiased opinion regarding their true state of readiness.

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