Refine Processes

A process is only as good as its implementation

Although the design and execution of organizational processes must be aligned with strategic objectives, they also must consider the realities of those who implement them, from C-level to entry level. Through diligence, collaboration, and keen organizational discernment, we develop and employ processes to ease execution and sustainability in all departments.

An implementation is only as good as its management

Because relationships are dynamic, not static, our management protocols are designed around each client and project. Investing a small amount of time on, "what the management process looks like,” and how and when we will engage with you pays emotional, relational, and financial dividends; it also sets the context for an “ease of use” ongoing consulting relationship.

Management of course, is only as good as its measurement

MLC takes special care of ALL initiatives to create evaluation tools in the form of dashboards, scorecards and metrics from a 10,000-foot view, down to the inner-workings of the human spirit. It is this accessible perspective that allows executives and managers to make organizational decisions based on facts and discernment, not theories or formulas.

Operations… better, faster, easier

  • Organizational & Process Assessments
  • Strategic / Tactical Planning
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Reporting & Metrics
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Financial Process Assessments
  • Process Improvement
  • SOP Documentation
  • Workflow Documentation
  • BIA
  • Error Reduction Analysis
  • Quality Improvement
  • Business Continuity Programs & Plans
  • Business Continuity Training & Exercises
  • Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP)
  • Continuity of Government Plans (COG)
  • Project Management Office Development
  • Program Management
  • Business Resumption Plan