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Business Continuity Consulting

As a business continuity consulting company, MLC and Associates can help your business prepare for unexpected disruptions, while having a plan in place for the quick resumption of normal operations in uncertain times. Here’s how we do it:

Assess and Evaluate

Assess the current state of your Business Continuity Program and identify your potential risks. Evaluate the impact of critical functions and processes, and your ability to mitigate them.

Plan and Design

Develop a desired state strategy, program structure, and communication and activation protocols tailored to fit your organization. Identify dependencies and design recovery strategies for restarting critical business services.

Implement and Test

Test and validate new or updated protocols, plans, and workflows to identify and address any issues before a disruptive event occurs. Conduct exercises to evaluate and establish preparedness.

Track and Monitor

Track statistics on events and analyze incidents and recovery metrics. Prepare comprehensive dashboards to monitor and track status of KPIs.

Train and Maintain

Ensure that client plans are in alignment with stated business continuity goals. Train key staff members to maintain and implement plans for future events.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Business Continuity Programs & Plans
  • Training & Exercises
  • Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP)
  • Pandemic Plans
  • IT Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Training
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning
  • Threat Vulnerability & Capabilities Risk Assessment
  • Facility Assessments & Recovery Plans
  • Risk Assessments
  • Tabletop Exercises & Simulations
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MLC is Known as an Expert and Skilled Business Continuity Consulting Firm

MLC is a recognized leader in Business Continuity, and we provide our clients with a menu of Business Continuity Consulting options that deliver comprehensive business continuity plans, and risk assessments, as well as hazard mitigation plans that have been recognized by FEMA as exemplary.  Our experienced team of world-class consultants and process experts service all types of organizations to plan, respond, and recover quickly from a variety of hazards that their organizations may face.  This helps our clients achieve better sustainability in a crisis and recover business quickly.  From the smallest to the largest of impacts that might arise, our clients are prepared and able to assess the situation, determine the appropriate course of action and implement steps to handle the situation at hand, all while instilling a sense of confidence in their organization.

IT Testing in Business Continuity Planning

IT testing is one of the critical building blocks of a comprehensive Business Continuity Program.  Not only for minimizing disruptions but also to ensure that critical processes are protected.  In addition, for some organizations, testing is essential to comply with regulatory requirements and/or to maintain shareholder value.  Typically, IT tests are routinely conducted on a quarterly or annual basis and may be performed internally within IT or involve outside vendors or business units.

IT testing involves multiple levels of complexity.  Tests range from data recovery (including mirroring/RAID, DASD, virtual disk storage, and off-site backup restoration) of one or more systems to complete replication of the Production environment onto a Test environment – which may be conducted at a hot site, warm site, in-house, third-party vendor or a combination of locations and may even involve web site recovery.  This is the most complex level of testing and involves hardware and operating system recovery, rebuilding applications, data security, data restoration, and end-user (business unit) scripts with step-by-step functionality verification. Further, stress-testing is often a key component which measures the impact of realistic traffic flows on the network.  Furthermore, IT may also support the overall Business Continuity testing of the organization – either via table-top exercises or activation of the IT recovery plan.  Finally, the CIO is frequently a member of the organization’s Emergency Operations Center and provides advice and updates to the Executive Leadership Team.