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Safeguarding Disaster Response for an International Healthcare Manufacturing & Distribution Company

The Situation

A major international healthcare manufacturing and distribution company was seeking a vendor to help manage several high-priority projects, including reviewing their Business Continuity Program (BCP) and existing practices, assisting in upgrading their planning, and conducting customized disaster response and recovery exercises at multiple locations. The company also needed to establish interrelated operations and meet International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and insurance requirements.

The Solution

MLC started by reviewing the client’s existing BCP and developing a series of recommendations for improvement. This process allowed MLC to validate the client’s BCP and confirm their compliance to both ISO standards and insurance requirements.

To assist with the client’s internal processes, MLC conducted inspections of designated test sites, both in the United States and internationally. The in-depth inspections allowed MLC to customize disaster scenarios and test exercises for these critical locations. MLC provided everything the client needed to conduct testing exercises, including developing supporting materials and handouts, providing a brief training session, facilitating each exercise, and providing extensive After-Action Reports for each event. The After-Action Reports were used to validate the client’s current BCP and emergency management programs, adjust the existing plans, and provide a benchmark for future exercises.


Based on the results of the project, the client was able to upgrade their BCP, maintain their ISO compliance and meet risk management requirements from their insurance carrier. Furthermore, the client’s emergency management and coordination capabilities were improved. More importantly, each location involved in the project was able to more confidently react and respond to emergency events and employees were better prepared – resulting in more resilient operations across the company’s various lines of business.