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Business Continuity Program for an International Entertainment and Event Company

The Situation

An international entertainment and event company had an urgent need to develop a Business Continuity Program (BCP) centered on the risk of a pandemic. This need was made a top priority by their Board of Directors, and every part of the company mobilized quickly to implement processes that would mitigate the impact of disease transmission at all their locations worldwide. Further complicating the problem was a very short timeframe in which to institute solutions in order to meet the emerging threat of a pandemic.

The key concern was the potential for a pandemic to risk the health of employees and customers who could become infected at one of the company’s venues. In addition, the company was concerned about the potential for cancelled events and loss of revenue as well as possible negative public relations.

The Solution

MLC & Associates conducted a rapid assessment of the organization, including their goals, needs, locations, risks, and existing processes. This was followed by a series of strategy sessions with key departments including operations, facilities, human resources, and public relations/marketing. During these sessions, MLC and the client assessed site capabilities, contagion control and mitigation methods, along with infection detection methods. These sessions resulted in documented response procedures and the implementation of new health policies at the company including telecommuting, social distancing, and daily preventive measures. In addition, MLC worked with management to develop contingency policies for extended employee sick time and the temporary loss of talent.


The company was able to meet their goal of implementing contingency plans and mitigation processes within their timeframe for completion as mandated by their Board of Directors. This placed the company in a position to address the emerging threat of a pandemic. Most importantly, management was able to reassure employees, talent, and customers that the company had implemented steps to mitigate the pandemic and it was prepared to respond quickly to a worsening situation if needed.