Financial Advisory Services


A global financial advisory firm required the development of a comprehensive Business Continuity Program, training, exercises, and maintenance.  A major concern was the vulnerability of the headquarters site to disruptions such as natural disasters and human-generated incidents.  Without any internal staff trained in Business Continuity Program development, MLC was asked to come in and develop the program from scratch.


MLC conducted data gathering sessions with all business areas.  This process utilized an Appreciative Inquiry and workflow development approach that enabled participants to learn from the process and realize the key issues, priorities, and decisions required from any disruption.  Specific outcomes included:

  • A complete Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Business Resumption Plans
  • An Emergency Operations Center Plan
  • Site inspections in order to develop the Emergency Response Plan and Floor Marshal program. This included training and a full-scale triage exercise.
  • Documentation of the client’s facilities and the development of a complete Facilities Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Once the program was handed off, the client took over and only asked MLC to come in every few years to ensure that the program was updated and perform any needed maintenance.


MLC was able to train in-house staff to be self-sufficient and operate the program on an ongoing basis to save cost and reduce the need for external resources (with only periodic involvement by MLC to ensure ongoing program success).  In addition, the project led to a comprehensive and integrated program the included all aspects of organizational continuity including: Executive Management (EOC), Emergency Response (Life/Safety), Disaster Recovery (Site Restoration), Business Resumption (Operations), and Technology (IT Recovery).  Furthermore, employee awareness became part of an ongoing process which eventually included an internal Business Continuity (company intranet) web site.

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