Hospitality Company


A major hospitality firm recognized the need for them to implement a more comprehensive Business Continuity Program for their various properties across the U.S.  While Emergency Response and Guest Evacuation processes have long been a standard requirement, the organization’s Executive Team felt that a more far-reaching view was needed to help ensure recoverability and minimize the disruption to operations due to unplanned events.  As a result, one of the company’s key sites (with the highest visibility and guest services reputations) was chosen as a model for their other locations.  MLC & Associates was brought in to evaluate the site, conduct a Business Impact Analysis, create Business Resumption Plans for all key departments, perform training, and execute a disaster recovery and business continuity exercise to fully prepare the location for any contingency.


MLC first assessed the site as well as the organization’s capabilities and requirements.  Then, MLC conducted a Business Impacted Analysis (BIA) which included all key departments and Subject Matter Experts responsible for daily operations and guest services.  The BIA also included a Risk Assessment which documented the various natural hazards, technology risks, and human-related threats to the property.  Additionally, the BIA provided a list of observations and suggestions for improvement to not only develop the organization’s resiliency and recoverability but also to streamline and enhance their daily operations.  The BIA was then followed by the development of individual department-level Business Resumption Plans and a training program to ensure understanding.  Finally, an organization-wide disaster exercise was conducted to fully test the program and each group’s training.  The exercise and MLC’s observations were fully documented resulting in a detailed After Action Report to enable the organization to further improve their Business Continuity Program.


Once the project was completed, the client was better able to mitigate the impact of disruptive events and respond to their operational and guest needs.  In addition, as a result of MLC’s evaluation and BIA, the organization was able to implement selected improvements to streamline operations and advance overall efficiencies beyond the direct needs of their Business Continuity Program.

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