If you’re looking for a company where growth and improvement aren’t optional, nor is your career development path, read on…

At MLC, you’ll find more than a progressive organization. You’ll find a performance-driven, relationship-focused culture with a serious goal to GROW, both personally and professionally. Our business philosophy encourages an environment of integrity, strong values, a focused work-ethic, and of course a client–centric attitude. As a result, it demands the absolute best from every player.

Assuming there’s a fit, you’ll be working with some of the best talent in the country, but you won’t find any egos at MLC. We’ve made it clear through encouragement and development that, “our people are our brand.” The majority of our team has been together for many years and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say we’re all friends. To ensure the culture stays tight and growing, training is continuous, not optional. The net result? People with a clear capacity to add value in their area of expertise and to grow within the hierarchy of the company.

If it all sounds good, if you like what you see and feel, then you can be a contributing member of our team, submit your resume.

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Our Stand, Our Dream, Our Way.

Our Stand: Improve people and organizations for immediate and lasting change
Our Dream: Keep people growing in their full potential. Keep every client for life
Our Way: Live out our core values no matter what the price or personal cost

Truth: Forthrightness is the basis for a life-long relationship
Intimacy: The longer our relationship, the more our mutual value
Discretion: All that is shared in trust will be held in trust. Period
Commitment: We keep our word, keep our composure, and keep it real
Intentionality: Our work-ethic drives extraordinary client success
Faith: We stand steadfast on “In God We Trust.”