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Enhancing Internal Communication for a National University’s Athletic Team Challenges

The Situation

A national university was experiencing challenges with one of their athletic teams. The team members and coaching staff were struggling to communicate effectively, causing them to become disconnected and operate disjointedly. This impacted their ability to work together collaboratively and contribute positively to the program.

The Solution

MLC & Associates conducted a multi-day team building workshop that helped the players improve their internal communications. MLC provided exercises to assist the team in learning how to address and resolve conflicts. In addition, MLC provided a customized approach with tools and techniques to develop individual solutions geared specifically to the team, each player, and the coach and assistant coach.


The team developed important communication skills by using the tools provided by MLC to engage effectively with the other players. After this process, the players were able to resolve conflicts, solve problems, and manage challenges together. This helped the team build stronger relationships, establish trust, make progress towards accomplishing their goals, create a safe culture, and provide new insight. The coaches saw the notable impact training had on the team and were pleased that the athletes learned a valuable life skill. As a result, this created a more transparent and cohesive team, more productive practices, and a collaborative drive to succeed.