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We listen to our clients’ needs to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they face and help them effectively overcome these hurdles.

Organizational Development is essential for any company to not only remain visible and survive in a quickly changing world but also maintain optimal efficiency while upholding a healthy culture among employees. While many consulting firms have attempted to help their clients achieve this endeavor, they are either too slow in implementing changes or impose exorbitant costs for a faster assessment. A sustained and mutually benefitting relationship with a consulting firm is essential. MLC & Associates (MLC) offers decades of experience combined with a focus on the specific needs and capabilities of clients blending data driven analysis with a unique Appreciative Inquiry approach. This has proven invaluable in fostering Organizational Development and deftly steering enterprises to their destinations. MLC has charted many such courses for its clients, forming an alliance with them in the continual journey of Organizational Development.

Fostering holistic relationships with trust is the cornerstone. MLC is an award-winning, world-class management consulting firm that provides clients a fresh perspective on their consulting experience. Led by veterans who strive to solve challenges that management teams face, MLC lends its know-how to business leaders such that they can build a betterconnected and more efficient organizations through a structured but nimble strategic approach. In an exclusive interview with Manage HR magazine, Prashant Kumar, President, and CEO of MLC, explains the ways the company has implemented Organizational Development combined with process improvement within multiple companies and how it stays ahead of the curve. Here are the highlights of the interview:

With a focus on your key business objectives, could you give us an outline of your company and how it helps firms achieve their Organizational Development goals?

We are a management consulting company that has been in business since 1987. We consider ourselves a boutique firm that focuses on Business Continuity, Process Improvement, Digital Transformation Solutions, and Organizational Development. Additionally, our services extend to operational efficiency, managing corporate finance, and implementing new-age ERP solutions.

What sets us apart in the consultancy space is our ability to help management teams expertly navigate through their strategic planning phase all the way through tactical and operational execution. Our team works in the trenches with clients via a hands-on approach to understand their strategy, convert it into an actionable tactical plan, and execute it to bring the plan to fruition. MLC’s methodology is based on delivering value through a combination of experience and innovation to tailor solutions to each client’s specific requirements.

“Through due-diligence disciplines that rival our competition, MLC scrutinizes organizational and cultural dynamics down to the minutiae, and we listen to our clients’ needs such that we gain a deeper understanding of their challenges”

What are the most significant challenges you’ve seen your clientele face, and how does your team help mitigate them?

Often, when companies embark on organizational change, they do not approach the issue from different perspectives. Rather, they focus on implementing a new solution or technological process and ignore any aspects concerning the people involved in the change. While new technology is essential for growth, MLC helps leaders understand in-depth how these processes affect their employees’ performance, which groups of people are the most affected, how sustainable the new process is, and much more. Many companies do not focus enough on delivering value nor provide ongoing customer satisfaction with their work product. Instead, they fixate on fee generation or may make promises for solutions that they cannot deliver.

Our clients genuinely appreciate MLC’s methodology, where we help them even beyond the conference room. Unlike our competitors, we spend the resources to understand how each department implements their strategies and we analyze the results to verify if they are functioning as desired. As a data and metric-driven organization, MLC’s consulting processes are holistic and we also work to ensure business continuity for our clients. With a very high success rate and a tall standard for delivering exceptional results, we help companies achieve and exceed their expected ROI, and ensure that their business continues to thrive even in the face of disruptions in their industries.

What are the factors that allow MLC to stay ahead in the curve, and in turn, contribute to your success?

Formulating a strategy with a clear mission, execution of the set goals, effective leadership, and transparent communication are critical factors in our relationship with customers. Most importantly, our success could not be accomplished without a collaborative and highly engaged team that is aligned with our mission to care about our client’s success. Through due-diligence disciplines that rival our competition, MLC scrutinizes organizational and cultural dynamics down to the minutiae.

To further highlight MLC’s value in organizational growth, could you share a client success story where you’ve helped them achieve their goals?

Recently, we worked with one of the largest distribution companies in America that is close to $10 billion in size and employs thousands of workers. We worked with the enterprise on many areas that ranged from developing a complete Business Continuity Program to documenting their operations and implementing processes that considerably improved accuracy, efficiency, and consistency. MLC helped reduce the client’s error rates from double digits down to below 2 percent and improved their efficiency rate from under 80 percent to over 95 percent. Moreover, this change occurred amid the client’s ERP implementation so there was an immense amount of pressure to succeed. We helped make their end-to-end processes more efficient in terms of reducing the number of touchpoints and transparently tracking outcomes on a shipment-by-shipment basis. This also greatly improved morale within the company as well as boosted confidence in their client relationships.

What does the future hold for MLC & Associates, and how will it help organizations cope with change and disruption in their industries?

MLC promises to grow and expand its global reach by providing professional consulting services and software/database development expertise in Business Continuity Consulting, Corporate Performance Management, Program And Project Management, ERP and WMS Implementation, Organizational Development, and more. In order to deliver on our mission and values, we work hard to maintain their trust while creating innovative approaches and incorporating the latest in technology, human performance management, Six Sigma, and other fields to tailor solutions to every project.

Further, any change in an organization requires a robust change management and communications plan. While formulating a reliable strategy is essential, firms must also consider their workforce’s perspective well in advance. They need to gauge their employees’ current skillsets and their willingness and capacities to adapt to the proposed change. MLC offers its expertise in weaving change management into operations such that our clients can successfully manage and execute their strategies for achieving meaningful improvement.

Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar,
President and CEO

About Prashant Kumar, the innovative pacesetter of MLC & Associates:

Prashant Kumar serves as the President and CEO of MLC and Associates. Not only is Mr. Kumar a certified Six Sigma in Executive and Leadership Coaching, Personnel Evaluations, Organizational Development, Human Performance Technology, Appreciative Inquiry interview techniques, and much more. For every project that he leads, Mr. Kumar leverages his Six Sigma/ LEAN methodology expertise to provide added value and assist organizations in improving their internal efficiencies. In addition, he utilizes Balanced Scorecard methodologies to help identify metrics and KPIs to ensure that outcomes are clearly defined and measurable. His blend of advanced knowledge in management with his immense experience working on projects that span across industries (including real estate development, healthcare, financial, and consumer products) helps ensure that clients receive only the best of outcomes.